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Ooh, It's echo-y in my head. WOOOH!
My Brain is as spacy as EVER....RANDOMNESS ENSUES....LOLOLOL..
Who was your favorite childhood superhero, and why?

BATMAN! He's the only superhero who can go toe-to-toe with a villain even without superpowers... plus he's got a wide array of knowledge, epic ninja skills and... well, he's AWESOME...


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It was exactly 6:30pm. It was 6:30pm when this mysterious hooded figure dragged Jungmin into the darkness. Yep, Jungmin was looking at her watch while this stranger had a headlock on her, she was worried she might not catch up to the last episode of her favorite drama ‘Kill me! I’m dying!’ but she also couldn’t pass up the chance to be rescued by her *ehem* leading men.

And she didn’t even know why Hankyung walked with them (he has a motorcycle, remember?). It was a perfect time to think, oh wait, it wasn’t.
“HEY! Whoever you are! LET GO OF HER!” Hankyung shouted.
“It’s two against one. You can’t win.” Junsu said.
“I’m not letting go of anybody…” The mysterious man said.
“Why you…” Hankyung clenched his fists.
“She’s wanted, see, she didn’t even finish her work the other day…” he said.
“What do you mean work?! Are you forcing her into labor?! She’s still a minor for goodness’ sake!” Junsu debated.
“AHHHHH!!!” Jungmin shouted.
“You’ll wake the neighbors, stupid!” The man shouted.
“Jungmin-ah!” Hankyung and Junsu said in chorus.
“I AM NOT STUPID!” Jungmin shouted. “And why are you going around strangling people by their necks! You’re gonna make me miss my soap opera!! DAMMIT!”
“Soap opera?” Junsu said in confusion.
“I’ll tell mom you’re going out with boys!!” the guy shouted.
“Well, I’ll tell mom you took her credit card!” Jungmin threatened.
“You wouldn’t…” he threatened.
“MOM??! You guys know each other?” Hankyung said in awe.
“Of course, how could I not recognize my own stupid brother?!” Jungmin said.
“WHAT’S THIS ABOUT BOYS AND CREDIT CARDS?!!!” Jungmin’s mom suddenly came out from a nearby house.
“We are so in for it…” Jungmin gulped.

“Uhmm. Mrs. Park, I don’t think it’s necessary to whack their heads in front of us, don’t you think Hankyung?” Junsu said as if he was trying to bail the siblings out.
“It’s really part of their punishment. They should be embarrassed of what they’ve done.” Mrs. Park said, striking Jungmin and her brother’s head solidly with the dreaded yellow paged phonebook.
“To tell you the truth, I find it rather amusing.” Hankyung giggled.
“When did you start being a sadist, oppa?” Jungmin shouted. “And mom, where the heck did you pull out that weapon of mass destruction you call a phonebook?!”
“Jungmin-ah, I am not a sadist. It’s just that… well, it’s funny!” Hankyung explained.
“So, you can’t get in your house until you’re punished outside?” Junsu asked.
“Yeah, it’s always been like that.” Jungmin’s brother, Myung Jin answered.
“Oh, I forgot to tell you, Jungmin-ah, there’s a little guy—” Jungmin’s mom stopped.
“MRS. PARK, I AM NOT SMALL!!” a voice from inside the house said.
“I think I know that voice very well.” Junsu said.
After giving two more hits in the head (a very satisfied mom, Jungmin’s mom was when she gave those last two blows), they all headed inside.
And in the living room, they found a very comfortable Eun Sun sitting on the floor, watching tv and eating chocolates again.
“Hey midget, what are you doing here?” Hankyung asked.
“Mrs. Park, thanks for letting me watch t.v, and oh, Jungmin-ah, you left your wallet back in our classroom, good thing you walked home with these two thugs, I gave it to your mom. I’ll be on my way then, Bye.” Eun Sun said, ignoring Hankyung’s comment about his size.
“How’d you know where I live?” Jungmin said with a puzzled look on her face.
“I did some snooping around.” Eun Sun answered. “Access to large amounts of data can be so useful sometimes.”
“Since when have you gotten access to the school files?” Hankyung said.
“Okay, calling him midget might have gotten him a little worked up.” Jungmin said.
“I’M NOT WORKED UP! WHO’S WORKED UP?! ME?! NUH-UH!” Eun Sun shouted as he went outside and slammed the door. “THANKS AGAIN, MRS. PARK!!”
“I must say that I should thank you boys for bringing Jungmin home, I sort of forgot to tell her how to get to school and… Would you like to have dinner with us?” Mrs. Park said, changing the topic suddenly.
“They’d be glad to, mom.” Jungmin said with a wide grin. “Hankyung-oppa, Junsu-oppa. Come on, let’s have dinner!”

“How is it?” Jungmin asked. “Mom’s cooking is great isn’t it?”
“Definitely. I’ve never had such delicious home made food like this.” Hankyung said.
“It tastes kinda like those in expensive restaurants and such.” Junsu said as he ate another spoonful.
“You boys are too kind, here, have some more.” Mrs. Park said.
“Mom, don’t force them to eat too much, or they’ll have indigestion!” Jungmin shouted.
“I’m so rude, I forgot to ask your names. May I know them?” Mrs. Park said politely.
“This is Hankyung-oppa and this is Junsu-oppa.” Jungmin answered for the two.
“I was talking to them, dear, not you. Anyway, I’ll remember you two. Now just tell me if you decide to come by and I’ll prepare something even better than this, okay?” She said.
“Stop acting nice, mom!” Myung Jin shouted from across the table.
“Shut up, Myung Jin! I’m trying to get to know our future in-laws!” Mrs. Park scolded.
“I-in-laws?” Junsu almost choked.
“Oh, you’re not my daughter’s suitors?” Mrs. Park asked.
“MOM!!!!” Jungmin shouted in embarrassment.
“It’ll only be some time before you guys fall into my Jungmin’s charm.” Jungmin’s mom clenched her fist tightly and did an evil laugh. “*coughs* You two are clearly compatible with my daughter in everything!”
“Mom, I wish you would just.zip.your.mouth.sometimes.” Jungmin said as she felt her cheeks getting hotter by the minute.
“O-oh. I’m just telling they’re official candidates for you, sweetie.” Mrs. Park said sheepishly.
Jungmin did a facepalm. So did her brother.
“I don’t know how I’ll live through this tomorrow!” Jungmin exclaimed. She silently cursed the fact that it’s actually hard to prevent a mother from speaking like that about her awesomely beautiful daughter, at least, that’s what Jungmin thinks.
“If anything about this gets out, I’m dead!” Myung Jin sighed.
“You don’t even have a social life! No one will be upset if you ruined your life! But if it was me, oh poor, dear, sweet, innocent me.” Jungmin sulked.
“What do you mean I have no social life?! Are you trying to grow wings and a halo that fast so I could make you meet the creator?!” Myung Jin spat.
And as the siblings bickered and their mom was left devastated about what her children said about losing social lives and whatnot, Junsu and Hankyung just stared at each other and laughed.
“Wish I had a sister like that.” Hankyung whispered.
“Yeah, life will be so much more fun.” Junsu chuckled.

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FOREWORD: this is a fanfic (obviously), a request from my good old friend, (rennie, hope you like it!), i only own some of the characters (specially Eun Sun, he's Donghae's fictional adopted brother) and the plot but NOT suju...LOLOLOL...(imma boy and i'm married to PARK KAHI, mind you. I just take requests and writing fanfics *even though at times can get pretty gross for a guy* is just training and pure insane boredom/fun. anyway, watch out for some 'shitty parts, okay? - DAVE)


The end of the summer break signaled the arrival of the most hated and/or most anticipated day for the students. It was the first day of school.
It didn’t bring much excitement to Jungmin though, she’d rather stay at home. She just moved in Seoul with her family and she wasn’t exactly the happiest person at the moment. She missed her old friends, the house she used to live in and practically everything she left.
She woke up late and moved in a sluggish manner. Her mom literally had to force her to go to school. She had no choice but to go anyway.

Jungmin was on her way to sch-… erm… on her way to oblivion was more like it. She forgot to ask how to get to her school, she still wasn’t quite familiar with the neighborhood, add to that her poor sense of direction.
“SHHHHHIIIIIIITTTT. I’m lost! I’m soooo frickin’ lost!” Jungmin shouted in exasperation.
Her only mode of transportation was her feet. She didn’t have spare money to ride a bus or a taxi. She was busy doing eenie meenie minie moes when somebody called her.
“Yaaa! Are you lost?” A tall guy in a black leather jacket riding a motorcycle asked.
“You ruined my concentration! Don’t you know how hard it is to start over? I’m trying to…” Jungmin’s expression went from agitated to just plain smitten. The tall guy was good looking and Jungmin liked him.
“*cough-cough* Yes, I am lost. And I’m gonna be late.” She said as she blinked furiously at him.
“I go to the same school as you. Perhaps… you wanna ride with me? Decide quickly. We’re both gonna be late.” He said with a smile.
“Oh you’re so gorgeous when you smile… I-I mean, of course! Let’s go!” Jungmin said without hesitation.
The guy held out another helmet for Jungmin to wear. He helped her climb up the motorcycle.
“Hold on tight. I’m gonna drive fast so just hang in there.” He said considerately.
Jungmin held on tight to his waist. She enjoyed doing that, she was enjoying ‘heaven’ while it lasted. And to her dismay, they got to school in a flash.
“You can let go now. We’re here.” He said.
“Oh darn it. The ride’s over already?!” Jungmin complained.
“I’m afraid it is. I have to go now. I’m late. Bye!” He said as he ran off.
“YAAA!! Gorgeous, Handsome, Good-looking oppa! You forgot to tell me your name!!” She shouted.
“Hankyung! And yours?” Hankyung shouted, still running as fast as he could.
“Jungmin! My name’s Jungmin! Remember your future wife’s name!” She shouted as loud as she could. The people in the campus stared at her. She ignored them and continued waving at Hankyung.

She reached class on time. All her running paid off, but she couldn’t catch her breath.
“Oh, it seems our new student is here. Please come here Ms. Park and introduce yourself.” The teacher said.
“Okay ma’am. *gasps for air* I am Park Jungmin, *gasps for air once more* 15 years old, *gasps for air again*” She was looking around and she saw Hankyung, her eyes widened and she was no longer short of breath. “ I hope to be everybody’s friend! Specially Hankyung’s.” She said as she gave a bow.
The students cheered for their new classmate. The teacher motioned for the class to be quiet, and they silenced themselves in an instant. (No one. NO ONE dares to mess with dragoness. She’s the most terrifying terror teacher this world has ever seen. Old, Crusty, Strict and just a little bit on the cuckoo side.)
“Ms. Park, please sit beside Hankyung, and we’ll start the lesson.” The teacher said.
And then the advanced calculus class started. (I mean c’mon, who ever heard of an advanced calculus class… in high school? The school curriculum must be real sick. ^o^)
For the rest of the period. Jungmin did nothing but look at her seatmate. All her attention was on him. No one seemed to notice though (even the dragoness didn’t).
Imagine having someone stare at you for a whole hour, creepy ain’t it?
And when a free period came, she had spare time to talk to the man of her dreams and her other classmates too for that matter.
“Hankyung-oppa! I wasn’t expecting you to be my classmate.” She said.
“Me neither. But at least you have someone you already know right?” Hankyung replied.
“Oppa, I want to meet the other people in this class. Introduce me to some of your friends, please?” she said while she gripped Hankyung’s arm tightly. She secretly thought how perfect her plan was, she could touch him as much as she likes.
“No problem. Ryeowookie! Come here!” He said as he called out a guy with a slender build and a cute smile. “This is Ryeowookie; Ryeowookie, I’d like you to meet my new friend, Jungmin-ah.”
“Nice to meet you Jungmin-sshi!” he said as he offered to shake hands.
“Omo~ You’re cute! Nice to meet you too!” Jungmin said, reaching out for Ryeowook’s hand.
A smaller guy walked past Hankyung. He was reading a book with one hand and holding a chocolate bar on another hand. Hankyung put him in a headlock.
“This little guy here is the smallest of the boys. He’s Eun Sunnie. One of my closest friends.” Hankyung said.
Eun Sun turned around and gave him a death gaze.
“I AM NOT SMALL. We are not close. And we’re not friends. Jungmin-sshi, I think you’re a really nice person. We’ll get along great. Don’t hang around with this guy too much okay? He’s … a bad role model.” Eun Sun said as he continued eating his chocolates.
“I’ll take your word for it. I think you’re not that small too. You’re taller than me. Hankyung-oppa, don’t bully him anymore, okay?” Jungmin said as she gave a comforting smile at Eun Sun.
“I wasn’t bullying him. He just reacts like that every time.” Hankyung said.
“Is that so? Uhmm. Do you have anyone else to introduce me to?” Jungmin said curiously.
“Well, it’ll be better if you get to know them on your own. It adds thrill. But I’ll introduce you to one more person after the class.” Hankyung said.
The bell rang and it was time for their classes to resume. They were section 3-1 after all, nobody slacks off there. They were considered the collection of the best junior students in the campus. No one talked during classes, or made noises. All that’s left for you to do was to study, study and study. Most of the teachers liked the students in this particular section.

“Yaaa~ Hankyung-oppa! Who’s this person you’re gonna introduce to me?” Jungmin asked excitedly as she put the books in her bag.
“Oh, right. Junsu! Come here!” Hankyung called out to a person sitting on the desk in the last row.
And then she felt cupid hit her AGAIN. That guy, Junsu, he had deep dimples and eloquent eyes, and beautiful hair to die for, all of which, were enough to make Jungmin spazz out.
“Hmmmm? What’s up?” Junsu said, his warm smile clearly radiating all over the room.
“I’d like you to meet my new friend, and our new classmate. This is Jungmin-ah.” Hankyung said as he formally introduced the two to each other.
“Oh… Uhm… *coughs* … err… Hi?” Jungmin stammered, still obviously awestruck.
“You don’t look okay to me. Are you sick?” Junsu said, putting his palm on Jungmin’s forehead and his other hand on his. “You’re not feverish, but you do look a little pale.”
“OH GOD~” Jungmin whispered right before she fell down and fainted.
Moments later at the school clinic……
“I think someone should give her CPR or something.” Eun Sun intruded.
“She’s breathing, why bother doing CPR?” Ryeowook retorted.
“I’m starting to wonder if Junsu-hyung’s breath is that lethal.” Eun Sun mused, Junsu hit him in the head hard. “AWWWW!!!! THAT HURT! DON’T YOU KNOW CHEMISTRY BOOKS ARE DANGEROUS TO ONE’S HEALTH?!!”
“Yaaa~ My breath is not lethal.” Junsu said.
Jungmin happened to be conscious while they were talking, she devised a clever plan to have ‘gorgeous-man Junsu’ do CPR on her.
“UGH~ I can’t breathe… aaaack~” Jungmin pretended to struggle for air.
“I TOLD YOU, YOU SHOULD RESUSCITATE HER!!” Eun Sun panicked. “We’re not so sure if Junsu-hyung really has clean breath! Let Hankyung-hyung do it!”
Eun Sun’s statement earned him another whack in the head with an even thicker book, PHYSICS.
“Let’s call the nurse… She’ll know what to do.” Ryeowook said calmly.
“Oooh. Is she gonna give her a shot with a syringe this long?” Eun Sun said, stretching his arms wide, exaggerating the size of the syringe he was picturing in his mind.
Hearing this, Jungmin sat up on her bed with eyes as big as an owl’s. (O____O)
“I FEEL BETTER NOW! WOOHOO!! LOOK! I’M OKAY!” Jungmin shouted, even doing push-ups on the floor to escape the terror of the sharp and pointy needle.
The four guys, who were completely and utterly stupefied by Jungmin’s sudden recovery just stood there as dumbfounded as ever.
“That’s… Good.” Ryeowook said with a brow raised.
“Maybe she’s an alien. Donghae-hyung told me to be careful about those things.” Eun Sun said.
“Aigoo~ For the thousandth time, Choi Eun Sun, aliens don’t exist.” Hankyung said with a face-palm.
“I’m not an alien! I’m a girl, and a very pretty one at that, mind you.” Jungmin said jokingly.
“I agree with her, she is pretty.” Junsu said.
“Most definitely.” Hankyung added.
“Ooooh~ You guys are soooo sweet.” Jungmin blushed. “Err. Who’s Donghae?”
“One of our classmates, the one who’s always spacing out. He sits right behind you.” Hankyung answered. “He’s Eun Sunnie’s foster brother.”
“Okaaaaay. I think we were talking about how pretty Park Jungmin-sshi was, now were we?” Eun Sun, yet again, intruded.
“You don’t have to remind that my dear, I already know.” Jungmin said before everyone, including her, burst out in laughter.
After MORE talking, they finally decided to go home. FINALLY! Jungmin was still in ecstasy, (no, not the drug kind of ecstasy, but she does kinda look like she’s using them.) her two dream guys decided to walk her home. She’s thinking about having them eat dinner in her house, or maybe eating those guys up was what she wanted to do.
It was only six blocks away from her house and the lights from the lamp-posts suddenly went dead. Jungmin felt someone’s arm around her neck and covered her mouth, she couldn’t scream. She couldn’t see the person’s face cause he/she/it wore a hoodie over his/her/its head.

Despite the lights going off all of a sudden, it still wasn’t that dark for Hankyung and Junsu to see what happened to Jungmin. Their eyes widened when they saw a hooded figure behind her. Without hesitation they raced towards her in hopes of rescuing her from the shadowy figure.

WHAT WILL BECOME OF JUNGMIN?! Let’s just kill her and end the story quickly. All in favor, say I. LOLOLOLOL. Just kidding (or am I???!)

-sorry, i coudln't help the unnecessary commentary. i know narrators/story tellers aren't supposed to do that but still!

oh just wait for the next chapter, okay???....^_^

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“Bed-BUGS” Pairing: read and find out. >_<
Author: Me-No-PRINCE

Another concert over. I felt awfully tired as usual, I mean, who wouldn’t. There’ll be just one month before we release the new music video, but at least we have a week to rest.
It was a beautiful Friday morning. I was standing at the porch, waving at the other members, they were gonna go have some fun outside. My idea of fun was to get some sleep, a very long, undisturbed sleep.
I went off to bed as soon as they got inside their car. I jumped on the bed and I felt myself slowly sink in. I started to fall asleep.

“Ryeowookie…” I knew that voice, but I didn’t want to wake up yet. He wouldn’t stop calling and tapping my shoulder. I rubbed my eyes slightly and then sat up.
“What’s up hyung? Did anything happen?” my voice sounded hoarse, it was quite gruff. I disgusted myself. I turned to look at the clock, I slept for a good three hours.
“Well, I wasn’t comfortable leaving you here alone.” He said, his eyes sparkled like stars, he looked kinda cute and I really think I’m still asleep.
“Eh? I’m not alone. Kyuhyunnie’s right there.” I said sleepily.
Of all the faces I knew, you have no choice but to give in to this one, his face was a work of art. Even in the worst mood he still managed to look awesome. My thoughts stirred up when I heard what he said next.
“Exactly, I’m not comfortable leaving you alone…with him.”
“Uhh. Why?, he won’t go violent on me y’know.” I couldn’t fathom what this guy was thinking. Was he messing with my sleeping time or something?

“What I mean is… he might get the idea that… since only you two are here… well, he might pounce on you!” he said hysterically.
I almost choked. Even though I have no reason to choke, I almost did.
I didn’t feel the slightest interest to sleep after that remark. My plans of sleeping were ruined!
“First of all, he won’t do that. Second, why are you worried that he’ll pounce on me?” I retorted, still bothered by what he said.
“I was just worried. A LOT. I saw him pounce on Siwonnie once! That guy is big on skinship, I tell ya. And I think he likes you. ”
His words made me melt into a puddle, I let myself fall on the bed as I stared blankly at the ceiling.
“AAAAAAH!” I shouted, totally not knowing what to do.
Yesung came running towards the room and slammed the door open.
“AHA! I knew you were planning to strip him of his innocence! That’s why I stayed home to guard him.” He was saying what Sungmin said a while ago.
“Strip me of my wha- COME ON!” they were getting hysterical, I was going nuts.
“Who told you I was gonna pounce on MY Wookie?!” I let my eyes lock onto him for a moment, he said I was HIS.
“Kyuhyunnie did, and he also said Wookie was HIS. And apparently, I’m here because Ryeowookie here is my favorite baby brother.” I felt like some kind of real estate property, I wasn’t even that noticeable and they were fighting over me.

Before we even knew it, Kyuhyun was leaning on the door, listening to every word. I felt like I really was gonna break apart. His face was stoic, but then he gave me a grin. He looked seductive, in fact, I think he was trying to seduce me. It was working.
“I knew it, you were gonna pounce on him!” Sungmin shouted accusingly.
“There will be no pouncing whatsoever! Specially if I’m to be pounced on!” my voice cracked.
All of a sudden, he was in front of me, silenced my lips with a touch of his finger. How the heck did he get here so fast?.
“Ssh, This is between me and him. I don’t want you to get involved.”
Sungmin shot a furious look at him, they locked gazes, and I was in the middle. Being in between those eyes is kinda scary. I’m starting to have a feeling that unless the others come home, I’ll be living in hell for the remaining five hours.
They talked endlessly and they also shouted endlessly. Lucky enough, they didn’t beat up each other’s butts. I fell asleep during the ‘I met him first’ part of the argument. My mind went blank, I guess I really was tired.
When I woke up, they were all inside my room.

“Oh you’re awake now, did you sleep well?” Sungmin asked, brushing off the hair from my forehead. My face flushed, I felt it.
Kyuhyun gave me that smile again, he pulled my cheek slightly. I fired up even more.
“So, what happened?” I asked absent-mindedly. My eyes wandered around, looking for somebody. “TEUKIE-HYUNG!” I yelled with excitement.
“RYEOSOOK!” he yelled back. I was glad that he was here. He might be able to solve this problem. Kibum-sshi probably could, but he doesn’t like meddling in on other’s personal matters.
“Well, for me… Go with Sungminnie, He’s a good cook!” he said. And when I thought things wouldn’t get any worse.
“Why don’t we just let him choose?” Hankyung suggested. I was in for a whole lot of trouble.
“Yeah, that way, it’ll actually be FAIR.” Donghae goaded.
Personally, if I were to choose between those two… I couldn’t choose. It was probably the biggest decision I will ever make in my entire life. They were looking at me now, waiting for the much awaited tiebreaker. And then it hit me.
“You guys are competing for something again, aren’t you?” I slapped my forehead. I knew there had to be something.
“Well… sort of.” Sungmin replied, twiddling his fingers.
“I knew it! I don’t like you two anymore.” I pouted. “Sungmin-hyung, you should know better than do things like this, And Kyuhyunnie… erm… never mind.” I almost spilled the part about his seductiveness.
“I think the one who really… REALLY cares about Wookie is…Yesungie.” Kibum sponsored an unsolicited suggestion.
“I think so too!” Hankyung agreed, nodding his head furiously.
“Yeah, I like him too!” I blurted out unexpectedly.
Everyone fell silent. Yesung-hyung was smiling at me. I covered my mouth.
“I like you too. A whole lot.” Yesung said. “Now, let’s go get you something to eat, you’ve slept the whole day.”
We walked out the room to eat, I didn’t even realize I was hungry.

*Inside the room*
“FINALLY! Those two admitted it!” Leeteuk shouted.
“Told you it’ll work.” Kyuhyun said with a smirk.
“Well, come to think of it, that plan was flawless. Glad you guys helped out!” Sungmin cheerfully spoke.
“To tell you the truth, I think maknae was a little TOO seductive if you ask me.” Hankyung said. Everybody turned to look at Kyuhyun now.
“You really are EVIL!” Sungmin poked the maknae’s face.
“Well, I try my best.” Kyuhyun bragged.
“Being evil is not something to be proud about.” Hankyung scolded the maknae as he ruffled his hair.
“Now, don’t disturb the lovebirds while they’re eating” Leeteuk lectured. “Oh. And don’t go talking about this stuff when they’re around, okay? Don’t blow our cover.”
“Okay.” The members said in chorus. Snickering lightly as they went back to their own businesses.
“Oh, I just can’t help it! Let’s watch them!” Heechul complained.
“I’m gonna go with him! Does anyone else wanna come?” Kangin proposed. Leeteuk had no other choice but to follow too.
“Just be quiet okay?!” Leeteuk finally said as he followed his dongsaengs to eavesdrop on the unsuspecting couple.


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“Love Game: Tag And Kisses” Pairing: KiHae, KangTeuk(implied)
Author: Me-No-PRINCE

Dance Rehearsals. The most grueling part of being in Super Junior. Aside from the strenuous music videos, this one has got to be the most draining activity. They were practicing their new routine for the upcoming concert in Seoul, their moves incorporated a lot of floor work and intense dancing.
Whether inside or outside, accidents just can’t be helped. In the middle of practice, somebody got hurt.
“AIIIISSSSH!!” Donghae shouted in agony. He twisted his ankle badly and was squirming on the floor, uttering cries of pain. Everyone immediately turned to where he was and came to his aid.
“Donghae-ah! My poor child! A-Are you alright?!” Leader Teuk asked in a very worried tone, checking to see if he had hurt anything else other than his ankle. They gathered a circle around Donghae and assisted him in his efforts to stand up.
Since Eunhyuk was the choreographer, Leeteuk talked to him about a short rest and for someone to bring the injured fishy to the hospital.
“Okay guys, Let’s have a twenty-minute break for now. So, who’s gonna bring Hae to the hospital?” Eunhyuk spoke, his voice resonating all over the studio.
Donghae’s gaze locked onto Kibum, before giving Hyuk a petrifying stare. He knew what Donghae’s eyes meant, so he let Kibum bring him to the hospital.
After they had the doctor check up on his injury, they proceeded to a private ward, since you can’t have a famous person run around..erm.. limp around in a populated area such as Seoul.
“Bummie!” Donghae shouted as if they were a mountain apart.
“Bummie! Thanks for bringing me here! The doctor said it’ll take a while before my ankle completely heals though. Would you keep me company?”
“It’s no problem, I’ll stay here until you get better. I should thank you too y’know, you got me out of that tiring rehearsal. But, does it still hurt?” Kibum replied, poking his hyung’s ankle jokingly.
Donghae made a painful expression, his eyes welled up with tears. He was trying to restrain a cry from being heard.
“Hey! That hurts!” Donghae’s voice cracked.
“Does it really hurt that bad? Hmm. Maybe this’ll make you feel better.” Kibum held Donghae’s face and pressed his lips against his forehead.
“Oh~ Darn it. I feel dreadful! Maybe one on the lips might do the trick!” Donghae acted unconvincingly. His acting was that of a donkey being pushed in a stable. Long story short, it was the worst anyone could have done.
“Don’t push your luck hyung, I’m starting to have a feeling that you hurt yourself because you wanted to be alone with me again, like the last time.” Kibum flashed his pearly whites and laughingly refused. But Donghae was about to use his trump card, Kibum knew it was coming though. “And don’t you try that pout of yours cause it won’t work on me.”
“Just one? Hmm? Pleaaaaase?~ One will do!” Donghae persuaded as he tilted his head and blinked his eyes in the cutest manner.
“Okay, but just one. Alright?” Kibum laughed.
And from God knows where, the other members barged in. Lips puckered up, all ready to give their dear fishy some SuJu love.
“Donghae-ah! Lemme give you my warm, sloppy kiss!” Teuk laughed as high pitched as usual. Everyone followed his lead.
“Knock it off, like I haven’t seen you guys do it, you older people are much wilder! So HA!~.” Donghae replied smugly.
Kangin and Teuk looked at each other and merely blushed at Donghae’s statement. But their minds were set on teasing him, so they just brushed off his witty comment out of their minds.
Their eyes widened when Shindong attempted to throw himself on the bed where Donghae lay. Heechul kicked him off effortlessly. For once, he actually saved someone’s life apart from his own.
“Are you sick in the head or something? The guy’s already injured and has a broken bone. Do you want to kill him off for good?!” Heechul scolded hysterically. “Now, about that kiss.” He continued.
Donghae shook his head in disbelief, he hid behind Kibum when he saw the others approach him.
“I appreciate your concern but… Y-YAA! Don’t come near me!” Donghae shrieked.
“Hyung~…HYUNG!” it was Kibum. His voice made him snap out.
“Are you alright?, you were screaming a lot.” Kibum asked in a very confused state.
It turns out that Donghae fell asleep on Kibum’s lap during their break.
“No broken ankles? no hospital? It was a dream! It was only a dream! Oh yeaaaaah.” Donghae jumped all around the room. He felt somewhat relieved.
“Hyung, you were screaming in your sleep a while ago, and now you’re a rabbit loose inside a dance studio.” Kibum teased, his brow slightly raised.
“If you only knew. Thanks for waking me up! I owe you bigtime! How can I ever repay you?” Hae said, his smile from ear to ear .
“how about a kiss on the lips? We haven’t done that for quite sometime.” Kibum suggested as he bit his lip.
“Hell NO!” Donghae shouted. “No, no, no. oh-ho. No. NO KISS!” he said in a hurry as he ran outside with his arms up in the air and a terrified expression to boot.
Kibum was completely and utterly confused, but he decided to chase after his hyung.

“ YAAA!! Come back here! I want my kiss!” he said as he gasped for air.
Donghae ran up to his room and jumped on his bed. He hid under his blankets and stayed silent. Kibum knocked on the door. Donghae only buried himself under his pillows.
“Let me in. Come on!” Kibum said. “ I promise I won’t kiss you.”
Donghae’s head popped out from under the blankets.
“Promise?” he asked with a shrill voice. He heard Kibum said yes outside. He decided to open the door.
When it opened at last, he saw Kibum standing there. He gave him a smile. His smile was bright and electrifying like none he had ever seen.
Kibum didn’t give him a chance to speak, He stole a kiss from Donghae and ran off as fast as he could.
Donghae’s eyes widened, he was red as apples now. A few moments of silence entranced him. He looked down on the floor and gave a lop-sided grin.
“ YAAAA!! KIM KIBUM! I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE!!” Donghae shouted frantically as he went downstairs to go after his dongsaeng, a smile still plastered on his face.


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“Love Game: Art of War” Pairing: SiHae, Kyumin, Yewook(implied)
Author: ME-No-prince

Winter. A season of peace and love.
Well, it would’ve been if Donghae and Siwon didn’t have a fight.
They usually made up in a span of an hour, but this petty quarrel lasted for two days now. They even forgot what they were arguing about. It was intense but in a silent way. No one dared to speak.

Siwon’s phone lit up again as he ignored Donghae’s calls.
Ryeowook and Yesung merely looked at each other, trying to make out the reason for Siwon’s ignorance. And then, out of nowhere, Heechul popped out and made matters just SLIGHTLY worse.

“You know, I really don’t butt in on other people’s lives, but aren’t you two gonna make up before I tie a rope around your necks and hang you both to death?!” Heechul shouted ridiculously.
Siwon only walked out the living area without saying a word.
“THAT is called butting in on other people’s lives, good going,” Ryeowook said teasingly, trying to sound smart in front of the older members.
“Yeah, not to mention you REALLY pissed him off.” Yesung added.

Heechul’s eyes narrowed. He pulled out a thick, long rope from the bag he was carrying and started stretching it.
“DEAR GOD! HYUNG! WE’RE SHUTTING UP NOW!” the two quaked in fear and ran like little girls, their screams as high pitched as a siren’s. They never realized that Heechul was serious about the ‘HANG TO DEATH’ statement.

Siwon went to the bathroom to take a shower. A very long one. He tried to collect his thoughts and was deciding that he really should reconcile with his hyung. But on his way out, he saw a very jumpy Donghae, cuddling with Sungmin. They both didn’t know how to react to the situation.

Seeing Siwon wearing only a towel that looked as if it was almost about to fall, Donghae dropped his jaw unconsciously. Sungmin closed it for him.
“Damn you’re HOT!... I mean *coughs* what are you doing here?” Donghae said as he felt his face fire up.
Siwon quickly dragged the innocent maknae from the bathroom. Kyuhyun was oblivious, he was just washing his face and then he suddenly found himself in the middle of a ‘HOT’ conversation.
Siwon’s reply, however, wasn’t what anyone would expect.
“ I just finished taking a bath… with Kyu,.. C’mon Kyu”
Score one for Siwon, he got his hyung’s ears blowing steam all over.

Day 3 of the winter warfare. They just took the height of their childishness another notch higher. They used every possible method to make each other jealous. It was as if two kids declared World war III…against themselves.
Once, when Siwon was gonna watch tv, he saw Donghae and Sungmin on the couch.
When Donghae caught sight of him, he gave him a smug look before jumping on Sungmin’s lap.
In retaliation, when Donghae was going out for a walk, he saw Siwon holding Kyu like a princess, their faces only inches apart.
Kyuhyun tugged on Siwon’s shirt. He knew he had to speak to him before things get anymore worse than they already are.

“Hyung~ I have something to tell you. Hyung?”

“Hyung~” Kyuhyun called out, still in the princess position, he was enjoying it.
“Hyuuuuuung!~” he called once more.
“YOU ABSENT-MINDED HORSE, LISTEN TO ME!!” Kyuhyun shouted in exasperation.
Siwon cocked a brow before looking at his dongsaeng with a life-threatening stare. Kyuhyun covered his eyes, his knees now shaking, he continued to talk.
“First, let me say that I ate your chocolates and drank up your coke and now back to the real deal, Donghae-hyung is OBVIOUSLY trying to make you jealous because he wants you back. And OBVIOUSLY, you’re not paying me enough for this little act of yours.”
“You did what?!..*sighs* well, I’m not so sure if he even wants me back anymore. And what do you mean you’re not paid enough? I even bought you ice cream last time.” Siwon retorted bitterly.
“That’s right Kyuhyun, NOBODY listens to you. You try to help them out, but NOOOO, they just have to wait until the problem gets bigger. And they call ME evil.” Maknae mumbled to himself as he put his palm across his face.
Sungmin did the same. He talked to his friend, but to no avail. Donghae’s mind was as closed as a… Well, it was closed. Very closed. He looked like a stubborn 5 year old, pouting and all that.

Day 4.It wasn’t quite as violent as the past few days. The other members finally got some rest from all the fighting for a bit. That is, except for Heechul, who was still carrying around his rope, waiting for THE opportunity.
Snow started to fall outside. Siwon took a peek out the window.He gave a somewhat faded smile. It was his favorite time of the year, when the snow falls and he’d watch it with his favorite person in the world. He stared as the snow fell, it landed on Donghae. He saw him sitting on the porch, crying.
“Hae, why are you crying?” Siwon said as he approached and sat beside his hyung.
“I miss you. I-I don’t wan’t to fight anymore. I’m sorry…” Donghae sniffed. He broke into tears once more.
Siwon only sat there silently as he wrapped his arms around him. He leaned on Donghae’s head and comforted him.
“Now, aren’t you gonna say sorry too?” He said as he poked Siwon’s face. The sudden change of Donghae’s mood didn’t seem to bother him, he was always like that.
“Let me think about it. Hmm.” Siwon teased.
“No fair! That’s how it went in those soap operas. I think I love you too much for apologizing first.” Donghae’s brows met as he blew up air in his cheeks. It made Siwon’s heart skip a few beats, Donghae was practically the portrait of innocence to him.
“Oh alright, how could I say no to that face? I’m sorry.” Siwon left a kiss on Donghae’s cheek, he couldn’t resist one bit of Donghae’s charm.

As the two made up, Ryeowook and Yesung huddled in the corner.
Ryeowook rejoicing over his win on their bet.
“Told you fishy-hyung would apologize first, now pay up!”
Kyuhyun appeared. As swift as a ninja and as greedy as a pig, he grabbed the money from Yesung’s hand.
“I think this is enough to compensate for what Minnie and I had to go through during that childish argument. Shame on you and your easy money. We’re going on a date then. BYE!” in a flash, Kyuhyun ran off, dragging Sungmin by the hand as the other two chased him furiously.
“Okay Siwonnie. Don’t mind them. Get back to hugging me now. FOCUS!” Donghae reminded as they watched the snow…and Kyu being strangled breathless.


----- my first work, it's actually a request...nyahaha...i don't usually write these kinds of things
DISCLAIMER: i do NOT own anything...except the plot...

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wow...that is hard.... i'd have to choose my phone...... i can't live without chocolate...
and i get frustrated with my phone anyways...

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Famed for her grace, beauty and poise No one could match her unearthly voice, The ultimate temptation, which all men recall, As they look unto her face, into demise they fall.... Despite her godlike radiance and overwhelming appearance, Wickedness lies within... A heart filled with sin.. Torture is her profession, this is her obsession.... I stood in front of her, unaffected by her wiles, Not Blinded by her guise... For i had with me a girl, a girl i truly loved... She stayed beside me, a gift from above.. To my surprise, they were one and the same.. I fell to the ground but then she came... She smiled and said: "Loving is what you taught me to do" I replied: "Loving you is the only thing i can teach you" The times i spent with her appeared in my mind, But this new feeling made me find... That the only one i gave my heart to... Was the only one i hated too................... ---> MY ORIGINAL COMPOSITION.. just popped out of my mind right now....

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uhmmmm.....mostly trashing people when they tend to trash me...
oh and revenge...

that's what i'm passionate as of the moment...

but i reaaaaaally love performing my martial arts...
and i'm so in love with music....

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